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eRules World War II is a computer program that automates the  Wargames Research Group Wargames Rules 1925  to 1950.  In the latest  version of eRules, the full text of these rules is built in and can be searched or printed for your convenience.

These rules have set the standard in terms of historical accuracy and realistic detail for battles  up to battalion strength. Now eRules I takes this into a new dimension by acting as your automated game umpire, delivering results of fire fights, artillery and air support and morale tests, as well as showing movement rates and keeping track of time, weather, daylight, etc..

eRules reads the rules for you and carries out all the following tasks, which would otherwise take up  hours of valuable playing time:

Keeps track of the correct sequence of play; 

Changes the game time, move number, weather, light, visibility, ground conditions;

Shows which side is currently to move;

Throws dice and evaluates morale tests, target acquisition  tests and the results of firing;

Deals with multiple aircraft weapons in one go;

Saves you the trouble of looking up tables;

Keeps records of ammunition usage;

Keeps records of registered and programmed targets;

Automatically detects and initiates programmed artillery fire and air support;

Automatically detects and initiates counter-battery tasks.

eRules enables you to play combined-arms (air, infantry, armour) tactical wargames much faster than  would be possible manually unless you are happy using highly simplified rules. For example, on average it would take  eRules15 minutes to complete a pair of game moves involving fire and movement for as many as 140 'elements' (infantry bases, guns, aircraft and vehicles). Without eRules, the same number of  elements would be likely to occupy at least an hour's play to resolve all moves and exchanges of fire, and make a note of the current state of the light, weather, etc.

eRules' advantage over manual play increases as the size and complexity of your forces increases. If you want to play "pea shooter" games with opposing lines of tanks, you would probably be  as happy with a simpler set of rules. If you are  seeking realism with large collections of models and realistic forces,  you need the WRG with  eRules.

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